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Our Middle and High School program is integrated with real-world and hands-on experiences, critical thinking skills & collaboration with others. We make learning personal, relevant, and applicable. Programming is offered within Chai School’s Pathways:


  • Israel: What is my connection to Israel – the land, history, people, culture, music, politics, dance, and religions?
  • Peoplehood: How am I connected to “Am Yisrael” the People of Israel?
  • Past, Present & Future: How will the history of the Jewish people help me navigate the present and prepare for the future?
  • Connectedness: What does it mean to be spiritually connected? What touches my soul, grounds me, and makes me sense the Divine?
  • Tikkun Olam: What will I do to be a responsible citizen in the world?
  • Make Choices! You are in the driver’s seat allowing you to make guided choices about what you want to learn.
  • Build Relationships! Participate in an expanded social network and community where both academic & social learning is crucial.


  • On-line registration is set up for Chai School 2022-23.
  • If you are logged into your account, you should see in the upper right "My Account".
    • Click on My Account
    • Then click on the bottom row tile for "Start School Enrollment"
    • Enter your First & Last name
    • Select the term: Pull down to Select Chai School 2022- 2023 and then select continue
    • Your Child's name(s) appears 
    • Pull down to select the grade for your child and all the possible Chai school courses will be listed for you to select from
    • Once you have made your selections, you'll see a total
    • Click on Continue, Complete the emergency contact (other than you) if desired
    • Hit continue to course fees
    • You can pay by credit card, electronic check (if you have set this up), or bill to your account (and pay by mailing a check).
  • Any problems, please call the office and we will help with this registration.
Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783