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Using ShulCloud

Our website enables Gates of Heaven members and Gates Quest parents and families to log in and manage your own account and profile and make online payments and donations at your convenience. You will also be able to register online for Gates Quest religious and Hebrew school, synagogue events, and have access to members-only content.

To Create or Change Your Password

  1. Click the "Login" button at the upper-right hand corner of this screen. If you have never logged in before or have forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password" below the gray "Sign In" button. Enter the email address we have on file for you to set a new password.
  2. Wait for an email with password instructions to arrive and set up or change your account password. It will look like this:

  1. Log in using the link at the upper-right hand corner to log in.

Main Web Page:

Area to Login

Account Screen

Note: Be sure we have your correct email address on file. Contact the office at or to add or update your email address associated to your account.

Update Your Profile

After you're logged in, you can view and update all of your information on your account by clicking on your name at the upper-right hand corner and selecting "My Account" in the drop-down menu. Please check regularly to make sure your information is up-to-date.

  • "My Profile" tile allows you to update your personal information. Click it and choose "View & Edit" to add personal information, contact info, Hebrew name(s), birthdate, anniversary, and b'nai mitzvah information, as well as contact information and best methods of contact for you. Keep in mind that if you change your email address in this account, that will be your log in email address in the future.
  • "My Family" tile allows you to update the same information for your immediate family members included in your account. Please only include family members who live in your home. Choose "Add Person" if we don't have everyone in your home listed in your account.
  • "My Yahrzeits" tile allows you to add and manage yahrzeits for your household. Please note there are two tabs to complete when adding a yahrzeit: "Info" and "Mourners." ("Chiyuv" is a direct mourner, i.e. spouse, child, sibling, etc.)
  • "Edit My Addresses" tile (bottom right corner) will allow you to edit your street and mailing addresses on file or add a seasonal address if you travel for the winter. You may also update your home phone number on this page, whereas your cell and office phone numbers can be updated from your other contact information on the "My Profile" section.

Tech Tips

Here you'll find some tips to help you start using private areas of the site. Please reach out if you have any questions about navigating the pages of our website, logging in, or updating your information. You may also contact Josh directly with questions related to financial arrangements.

  • If the system won't allow you to login or change your password, we may have a different email address on file. Contact the office for more information if you're having trouble logging in.
  • If we sent you a login link and you didn't receive it at the correct email address, please check your Spam or Trash folders, as some email servers will automatically send messages containing certain terms directly to your Spam or Trash folders.
  • If you used a shared email address for both members of your family, you will need to share the same password to log in.
  • To make a payment toward your dues commitment, choose "Pay My Bill" from your account home screen or go to the "Give" section at the top of the site menu and choose "Account Payments," or "Make a Donation" for other contributions.
  • To add a new payment method, select "My Payment Methods" and "Add New Payment Method," then select "Credit Card" or "eCheck/ACH" and click "Add card to this gateway." The system will still say "add card" if you select eCheck/ACH (to connect your checking account directly with your membership account). There is a special verification process when adding a checking account ACH. You will receive two "microdeposits" (less than $1.00 each), which you will need to find in your bank account and enter to this system to verify your account. You may then use that account for any payments or donations in the future.
  • You may then arrange recurring payments, so you won't have to worry about remembering to contribute toward your dues on a regular basis. You will have to agree to a new payment plan at the start of each fiscal year (July 1), if the congregation agrees to change the dues structure for the coming year.
  • To add a photo or limit the information others will see in the online membership directory, click "Edit My Directory Listing." This menu is completely separate from the information listed on your account, which we need to communicate with you. You have the power to control what information is shared with the congregation at-large.

As always, change can be difficult to manage on your own. Please know that your synagogue office is dedicated to making this new system easy for you to learn and manage as time goes on. Reach out to a board member or a staff member in the office with any questions or concerns. Thank you for being a part of the Congregation Gates of Heaven family!

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyar 5784