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Student to Student -- Be the Narrative



Antisemitism flourishes in a culture of ignorance. As a response, in 1992 the Jewish
Community Relations Council of St. Louis created Student to Student—Be the
Narrative, a program that counters bigotry and stereotypes in the students it reaches.
STS has had an impact on tens of thousands of students in schools that lack a Jewish
presence. These young people can now put a human face to Judaism—the best
antidote to prejudice and intolerance. In 2017 Student to Student began to expand to
other cities in the U.S. And now, it’s here!

For a small investment of time, you can make a lasting impact in how others view
Jewish people. Being a Student-to-Student Presenter empowers you to break down
cultural barriers, connect with Jewish peers, and demonstrate true leadership. Share
your Jewish experiences with other high school students, and influence how they think
of Jews and Judaism. You will gain experiences that set you apart from others and
demonstrate your ability to speak confidently about yourself.

To learn more about the program, click here. To nominate yourself, click here.

For more information, contact Arnie at, or call/text 203-521-4591.



The Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York and Congregation Gates of Heaven
have recently launched Student to Student—Be the Narrative, a program that engages
Jewish juniors and seniors who are trained to counter antisemitism and demystify
Judaism by giving presentations to students in area high schools. Our participants will
break down stereotypes by sharing their Jewish and teen identities with their peers in
classes throughout our area.
Participants share details about their Jewish lives and bring props to enhance their
presentations, for example, when discussing Shabbat, instead of just describing challah,
they pass around challah for the students to sample. As a peer-to-peer
program, Student to Student very effectively fights antisemitism as well as helps create
young Jewish leaders in our community--leaders who will have tools to confront the
bigotry they will encounter in college and beyond. In addition, we know that STS
strengthens participants' Jewish identities. 
Student to Student (STS) is a national program that was founded by the Jewish
Community Relations Council of St. Louis 31 years ago. Six years ago, STS began to expand to other communities in the U.S. and
has become an independent, national organization. The program is now in 18 communities, including our own. 

If you know a junior or senior that you would like to nominate to participate in our
program, or if you are a junior or senior and would like to nominate yourself, send your
name and phone number to Arnie Rotenberg,



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For more information, please contact Arnold Rotenberg, Director of Congregational Jewish Living,


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