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LIFE & LEGACY® is a partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) that assists communities across North America, through partnership with Jewish Federations and Foundations, to promote after-lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service organizations, and other Jewish entities.
Through training, support, and monetary incentives, LIFE & LEGACY® motivates Jewish organizations to secure legacy gifts, steward donors, and integrate legacy giving into the philanthropic culture of the Jewish community in order to ensure vibrant Jewish life for future generations. Congregation Gates of Heaven is one of eleven Jewish organizations in New York’s Capital District to be participating in this program.
Since March of 2018, Gates of Heaven has asked its stakeholders to leave a life and legacy gift to our congregation.
  • To cultivate a culture of legacy giving.
  • To foster camaraderie and respect among Jewish organizations.
  • To give generous and forward-thinking members of the Jewish community an opportunity to express their passion, purpose and commitment to the future of Congregation Gates of Heaven and the community’s most valued Jewish organizations.
In one way or another your life is rooted in Jewish experiences connecting you to the Jewish community. Chances are you already support Jewish charitable organizations, but have you included these organizations in your will or estate plan? By leaving a legacy, you can assure that the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you today will exist for future generations.
By making a legacy commitment you can:
  • Convey your commitment to being Jewish.
  • Express values instilled in you by your parents and grandparents.
  • Perpetuate the Jewish traditions you cherish.
  • Preserve the programs and services of Congregation Gates of Heaven and other organizations that support Jewish life in our area. By making your legacy commitment now, or sharing with the community that you have already done so, those organizations to whom you make a legacy commitment have the opportunity to secure an incentive grant from the Grinspoon Foundation.
Our Case Statement:
Our legacy donors are dedicated and committed individuals, just like you, who want to ensure the continued vitality and vibrancy of Jewish life far into the future. They have benefitted from the fruits planted by the generations who came before and are willing to sow seeds for the future generations by affirming that our congregation always will be a special place that empowers Jewish families to live and interact in a warm and welcoming manner. Please join us as we build on our past by looking forward to the future- validating and empowering each soul who enters through the Gates of Heaven as he or she engages in the heart of Jewish life.
All of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your dreams, lifestyle, family, and financial needs.  You can provide support for a particular organization or area of interest.
Leaving a legacy is simple.  Some options include:
  • Bequest in a will
  • Gift of Life Insurance
  • Gift of IRA or Pension Funds
  • Gift of cash or assets
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
For more details and to find out how you can make a gift, please contact Paula Metzner at
Life and Legacy Committee Members: Chair: Paula Metzner, members: Mindy Holland, Rick Dolins
Todah Rabah!
We thank our LIFE & LEGACY Society members for helping to secure our future.
Those who sign a letter of intent to leave a LIFE & LEGACY gift to Congregation Gates of Heaven are added to our LIFE & LEGACY SOCIETY. Those who do not wish to remain anonymous will have their name printed on the LIFE & LEGACY sign in our lobby and will be honored each year at Donor Shabbat.

                                         LIFE & LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS

Four Anonymous Donors
Ellen Auerbach
Michael Auerbach
Dr. Edward Bein
Debra Belkin
M. Randolph Belkin
Joan K. Bent
Peter R. Bent
John Berhaupt & Suzanne Gold
Lee Brice
Theresa Cassiack
Rachel Cohon
Rabbi Matthew & Sharon Cutler
Brian Cuttler
Elizabeth Desbiens
Alfred Dickinson
Dr. Sherry Dickinson
Rick Dolins
Virginia C. Dolins z"l
Steve M. Egna
Laura Ehrich
Maya Elson
Steve Elson
Jonathan Falk z"l
Stacey Farber
Sanford Fialkoff, in memory of Suzanne Fialkoff
Yvette & Alan Gebell
Karen R. Gerhardt
Bill Gilbert
Rhoda Gilbert
David & Andrea Golub
Mona J. Golub
Neil M. Golub
Brian R. Haak
Bea Hahn
Gerry Hahn
Elisa Harrington-Verb
Marcus Harrington
Brian & Cheryl Hatkoff
Joan Heffler
Jesse Holland
Mindy Holland
Elaine Hughes
Kay Keller
Peter & Susan Kopcha
Kat Koppett
James & Susan Litynski
Mary Matthews
Paula Metzner
Dr. Lisa J. Norelli
Rabbi Eleanor & Dr. William Pearlman
Kenny Priddle
Lisa Priddle
Jonathan, Jessica, & Seth Rubin
Sonia Rubenstein z"l
Del & Randie Salmon
Lauren & Richard Savage
Dr. Howard Schlossberg & Michelle Ostrelich
Dr. Herbert Schwartz
Dr. Randy Simon
Adrian & Nina Swierczewski
Shawn & Jennifer Tabankin
Mark & Melinda Teter
Eilene & Joseph Tewksbury
Peter & Miriam Vollweiler
Jeff & Barbara Walton
Stacie & William Waters
Deborah Wein
Ernie Wein
Richard Weiskopf
Gordon Zuckerman
Linda Zuckerman z"l

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