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This Week In Torah with Rabbi Matt Cutler


This Week in Torah 

5-10-24 This Week In Torah: Kedoshim

It pains all of us when things we deemed holy get desecrated. This especially hits close to
home with the recent events in town. Five Jewish cemeteries in Rotterdam were
vandalized when nearly 90 headstones were pushed over. Some of them cracked. Some
will require machines to lift the several hundred pounds of granite in order to place
them in their proper space. But in time, this will be restored. There are some important
enduring understandings we must glean from this. They are found in the use for 3 words
associated with stones—matzeivah [a monument], tsur [a stone/rock which is at a
foundation], and michashel [a stone used for a stumbling block]...Read more here

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