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OUR MISSION: We open the Gates with all our heart, all our soul, and with all our might!

With all our heart….

  •      We gather together, a kehillah kedosha (sacred community), to live a full Jewish life, sharing a common commitment to Reform Jewish values which nourish and sustain us:
  •     We welcome with loving arms people of every race, age, gender, orientation, identity, ability and journey, and seekers who enter with open minds;
  •     We strive to meet everyone where they are and to nurture one another’s authentic, evolving selves;​​​​​​

With all our soul…..

  •     We reach for the sacred through prayer, song and contemplation;
  •     We hold up Torah and hand down heritage; we cultivate curious and questioning learners of all ages;
  •      We seek relevant relationships with God;

With all our might…….

  •      We affirm bonds of loyalty with the people in the land of Israel and with Jews around the world;
  •     We answer the call of our prophets and our tradition to partner with God in the mitzvoth (commandments) of tikkun olam (repairing the world) – working for tzedek (justice), shlemut (wholeness), and chesed (lovingkindness) in all the communities to which we belong.
Tue, July 5 2022 6 Tammuz 5782